Troy, MI, USA — VCollab, the leader of 3D CAE Visual Collaboration Solutions and developer of VCollab software, today announced the solution to convert CAE model & results data from a variety of CAE solutions like NX™ software, ANSYS, MSC NASTRAN,ABAQUS, LS DYNA, FLUENT, STAR-CCM+, CFX, FE SAFE, nCODE and others into the JT™ data format. Developed by Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Software, JT is the leading file format for lightweight 3D collaboration and visualization and is an ISO standard. VCollab exports not only the 3D models, deformed shapes and simulation results, but also exports the CAE BOM, simulation result contour and associated legend into JT for better understanding of the simulation results. VCollab also exports Meta Data into a separate XML files for an easier integration with SDM/PLM systems to better manage simulation data.

Creating 3D JT models of the simulation models and results is now available through an optional plug-in to the VCollab Professional viewer allowing any result instance selected in VCollab Professional to be exported as a JT file. The result instance for export to JT can be interactively defined or by using batch tools. The combination of VCollab’s extensive CAE import and processing capabilities with these new export utilities makes CAE data available to a wide audience in a format that is consistent with their standard business practices.


The ability to convert simulation results into the widely used and understood JT format makes it easier to share CAE results across the entire organization leveraging JT for visualization.

VCollab used the JT Open Toolkit from Siemens PLM Software to accelerate the development of this solution. The JT Open Toolkit is offered by Siemens PLM Software as part of its commitment to open technologies and business practices.

“Using the JT file format to improve open collaboration for analysis results has always been an important goal of the JT Open community,” said Michael Zink, Openness Evangelist, Siemens PLM Software. “We are thus very excited to see VCollab offer such a comprehensive solution, based on the JT data format, for the consumers of analysis data. This comes at a great time as the adoption of JT continues to accelerate across a broader range of business processes.”

The VCollab Suite is already known for its unique capabilities to improve the productivity of CAE analysts and also to improve the collaboration between simulation experts and other engineers involved in the product development process, making access to product performance data more available whenever needed. VCollab lightweight CAE result models and easy-to-use smart CAE viewers enable all people involved in product development processes to consider design performance for design decisions. The JT format now also allows to better integrate simulation data with SDM/PLM and support CAE results going back to CAD.

“Simulation has become a strategic tool in many organizations,” said Prasad Mandava, CEO of VCollab. “With the option to create JT models in addition to the CAX models, simulation results can now be communicated to even more people involved in product development. Simulation reports are no longer restricted to 2D images either, bringing them more in line with today’s 3D processes.”

The capability is immediately available for the latest VCollab Professional version. Existing customers interested in trying these new features are requested to contact VCollab or their local VCollab partner for a test license.

About Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc. (VCollab)

Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc. (VCollab) is the leading provider of state-of-the-art CAE Visual Collaboration Solutions for product development industries. In pursuit of these solutions, VCollab developed its flagship 3D CAX visualization software, VCollab, and associated common file format, .CAX, an ultra-compact, portable 3D format for storing CAE and CAD data. VCollab solutions helps manufacturing enterprises as well as CAE Vendors to easily reduce, visualize, mine and share the CAE data. In addition to the ultra-compact CAX format and the associated CAE smart VCollab viewers, VCollab enables to convert CAX data into 3D PDF, STL, VRML & JT thereby providing a wide range of options for their users to share, process and unlock the potential of CAE data in many different ways. VCollab Viewers are very CAE smart and provides capabilities like automatic finding of hotspots, capabilities to compare 2 CAE models or CAE and CAD models (compare the differences in mesh/shape, compare the differences in results etc.). VCollab works with leading product development companies worldwide, including MDO and PLM/SDM/SLM/SPDM vendors to develop better CAE visualization, collaboration, sharing, documentation, and archiving solutions required by the expanding use of simulation in the industry today.

VCollab is a global company with resellers located in Asia, Europe, India and North America. For additional information about VCollab’s software products and services, please visit www.vcollab.com.

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