ANN ARBOR, Michigan, 26 April 2016—CIMdata, Inc., the leading global PLM strategic consulting and research firm released a new whitepaper on the VCollab CAX technology and associated products for automated intelligent processing, web-based visualization, and team collaboration involving complex 3D multi-physics performance analysis results.

The need for innovative model-based design and analysis technologies that can connect performance analysis data, processes, and knowledge across the various engineering functional domains is becoming critical as product complexity continues to grow even while product development cycles continue to be shortened by competition and market requirements. VCollab is one such innovative technology.

This whitepaper presents CIMdata’s perspective on the special aspects of the VCollab CAX technology as a driver of CAE analysis productivity and engineering collaboration that can lead to simulation-driven product innovation. The features and business benefits of utilizing the VCollab product suite are outlined in the paper including several customer testimonials derived from CIMdata interviews.

According to Mr. Don Tolle, CIMdata’s Simulation-Driven Systems Development Practice Manager, "The VCollab CAX technology is truly an innovation in the world of performance engineering for new product development. Much as the common 3D PDF format has positively impacted the ability to easily share and distribute documents and 3D images originating from many different sources, the VCollab CAX technology allows engineers to process, organize, share, and collaborate in real time with 3D CAE models and performance analysis results generated from a wide range of CAD and CAE tools as well as exchange product design and analysis data in many industry standard formats such as 3D PDF, JT, and VRML and within the Microsoft Office suite of tools. CAX is truly becoming a common, unifying language for web-based visualization and engineering collaboration across the domain of 3D physics based performance simulation and analysis."

To read more about this important resource, please download and read the complete white paper from http://www.vcollab.com/Resources/White-paper.html.

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