Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc (VCTI) announced that it has appointed Dr. Mike Sheh to its Board of Directors. Dr. Mike Sheh is the current Vice President of Engineous Software Inc. In his past 6 years of services with Engineous, the company has grown 5 folds to become the leader in process integration and design optimization technology market.   Prior to Engineous, Dr. Sheh was with Cray Research Inc., the world leader in supercomputing, and Silicon Graphics, the world leader in high end graphics and visualization hardware in the mid 90’s.
 “We are pleased to appoint Dr. Mike Sheh to our Board of Directors. Dr. Sheh brings to us his unique experiences in high performance computing and graphics. Further, his experience in helping start-up software companies like ours, and working with industrial customers and partners will guide us in choosing our product and market strategies. I am particularly delighted to have him on our Board,” said Prasad Mandava, CEO/President of Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.
VCollab product suite provides a common visualization platform for viewing complex CAD/CAM/CAE/VRML data. The technology also allows users to embed 3D interactive data sets into Microsoft Office product suite for presentation and documentation. Founded in 2000, Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA with offices in Dallas, TX and Bangalore, India as well as a worldwide distribution network. VCollab’s customers include leading manufacturing companies and defense agencies such as ADA, Arsenal Research, BHEL, CAMI, DaimlerChrysler, GE Transportation Systems, General Motors, HAL, Halff, Hamilton Sandstrand, Toyota Technical Center USA.

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