Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies, Inc. (PADT), a provider of engineering services and products, is proud to announce that it has added the VCollab 3D Visual Collaboration Software for CAE (http://www.vcollab.com) to its software product offerings.  PADT will also offer VCollab’s facilitating CAX file format to deliver on the growing need for smaller simulation result files and increased efficiency in data transfer to its customers in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Nevada.

Produced by Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc. (VCTI), the VCollab suite of tools and the CAX file format enable engineering teams to shrink massive amounts of simulation data into significantly compressed and portable files that can be easily shared and, viewed by users around the world as rotatable3D solids, embedded in web pages or documents, and stored in data management systems.

“We have been looking for a solution to this problem for years.  Many of our customers tell us that one of the biggest headaches with simulation is dealing with the massive files sizes of the result data,” said Eric Miller, co-owner of PADT. “Our customers want a neutral and portable format to save all of that data, and they want a way to share it with partners and customers who don’t have the originating software packages that create the results. VCollab is the perfect solution for these pains.   Beyond addressing the need for easy viewing, VCollab enables teams to collaborate around the most crucial CAE data and deeply interrogate results.”

“PADT makes simulation technology work better for customers and we are very excited to bring them into our partner network,” said Prasad Mandava, CEO of Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc. “To an already excellent offering of technology, product development services, and subject matter experts, PADT will add VCollab to help customers realize breakthrough design improvement by extending the access of CAE data to all enterprise teams and enabling collaboration around that data.  PADT has an

ongoing  commitment  to  listening  to  customers  and  delivering  the  tools  required  to  maximize  the
usefulness of CAE data.”

To learn more about PADT’s usage and recommendations on VCollab, sign up for a free webinar on
September 13th, 2012 at 12:00 PDT at  http://padtincevents.webex.com

About PADT
Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies, Inc. (PADT) is an engineering service company that focuses on helping customers who develop physical products by providing Numerical Simulation, Product Development, and Rapid Prototyping products and services.  PADT’s worldwide reputation for technical excellence and an experienced staff is based on its proven record of building long term win-win partnerships with vendors and customers. Since its establishment in 1994, companies have relied on PADT because “We Make Innovation Work“.   Learn more at http://www.padtinc.com.

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