Troy, MI, USA - VCollab, the leader of 3D Visual Collaboration Solutions for CAE and developer of VCollab software, today announced enhanced model compare capabilities in the latest release of the VCollab product suite. These enhancements help engineers to easily find, study, document and present the differences in the CAE results as well as the differences in the geometries/meshes during design changes. The enhanced model compare capabilities now allow for comparison of CAE results from different models and comparison of geometry models from different sources.

Comparing CAE results from different design alternatives enables VCollab users to not only get information about the differences in the minimum and maximum values efficiently, but also to assess easily where these differences/hotspots occur. Models to be compared don't have to use the same underlying mesh nor do the shapes have to be the same. Other use of this functionality includes comparisons of different solvers or load cases for the same model.

Comparing the results on 2 dis-similar mesh models and show the difference as labels.

VCollab model compare further allows for comparison of different model geometries including CAD-CAD model comparisons, CAD-CAE model comparisons, and CAE-CAE model comparisons. The deviations are then stored as fields on the source model in the comparison and can be displayed as contours or vectors or sectional views to understand the differences between any two models.

Comparing 2 dis-similar mesh geometries and showing the difference as contour.

Like most features of the VCollab viewers, the compare capabilities are also accessible thru APIs for easy integration into process and data management solutions enabling automatic creation of comparison models ensuring their availability for critical design decisions.

"Advancing 3D technologies to help our customers simplify work flows of their design and analysis studies is always our top priority" said Prasad Mandava, CEO of VCollab. "We are very excited to announce this extended capability to compare the impact of design changes which can provide new insights and significantly reduce the time to understand the consequences of design changes. Ultimately, this capability makes quality improvements for the products of our customers very efficient."

The capability is immediately available with the latest VCollab version and existing customers are requested to contact VCollab or your local VCollab partner to access the updated software.

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