VCollab is happy to sponsor the SIMULIA RUM Great Lakes event on 27th & 28th of Sep 2017

Make sure to attend our presentation titled “Smart tools to generate 3D Images/Reports of CAE Results” to learn to work smart to understand the CAE results to make faster design decisions. Feel free to drop by our booth to connect, if you are around.

Abstract :
CAE analysts spend too much time in post processing to identify the key simulation information required to make design decisions and then making a detailed report for reviews, archiving and sharing with other stake holders in the company. Here are some of the challenges faced by the analysts in making such CAE reports, manually. 
  • Locate and mark hot spots (possible failure locations) in parts and assemblies
  • Create CAE report by annotating and making many slides for reviews as well as to communicate with other teams
  • Design studies: Compare two or more CAE models/results from different CAE runs/iterations
  • Automating the CAE report generation
  • Sharing the 3D models with Simulation Information with designers
In this presentation, we discuss these challenges and present smart tools to extract Key Simulation Information from simulation data and generate 3D Images/Reports from native CAE results.  These smart tools can save 90% of the analyst’s time in making CAE reports. Analysts also would never miss the hot spots with these tools as smart data mining algorithms would consistently find such failure regions/hotspots. Such CAE reports can be exported into variety of formats like  images. Videos, PPT, 3D PDF, JT, CAX etc. for easier sharing.
Presentation Title : Smart tools to Generate 3D Images/Reports of CAE Results.
Presenter    : Omar Ibrahim, M.D at Process Optimization Corporation and Prasad Mandava, CEO, Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc.
Date, Time & Place :Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 - 13:45 (Nazareth),The Inn at St. John's, Plymouth, MI.

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