VCollab’s cutting edge CAE visual collaboration environment begins with VMoveCAE, a robust data translator that converts native CAE results files into highly compact and portable CAX files.

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VMoveCAE Key Features

  • Translation of multiple CAE formats into one common, 3D and ultra compact .CAX file format
  • Smaller file sizes—up to 99%—for easier transfers and visualization
  • Metadata capture from native CAE files
  • Variety of data filters
  • Cross-platform usage
  • GUI or batch mode usage

VMoveCAE allows user to append the result files generated by popular Fatigue solvers to the model from Nastran and Abaqus input decks. The following fatigue solver results formats are supported.

Result file formats

Solver version

Fe-Safe .fer files Fe-Safe 5.4, 6.4 and 6.5
nCode .unv and .csv files  

VMoveCAE Integration with SDM/SLM/PLM and Simulation Automation Software

VMoveCAE can be easily integrated into any simulation automation, workflow management, and SDM/SLM/PLM systems.

Key Features

  • Extract metadata from CAE files
  • Index CAE files with keywords from the metadata for easy searching through simulations
  • Generate simulation details and data mining reports for CAE files
  • Provide CAE visualization solutions inside SDM/SLM/PLM systems

VCollab Supported SDM/SLM/PLM Environments

VCollab solutions easily integrate into these SDM/SLM/PLM systems:
  • iSIGHT-FD/SLM from Dassault Systemes Simulia
  • EKM from ANSYS
  • Teamcenter Simulation from Siemens
  • PHX AnalysisLibrary from Phoenix Integration
  • SimManager from MSC Software

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