Visual Collaboration Technologies was founded in year 2000 by a group of technology professionals with a vision to provide leading edge software Solutions for the science, engineering and manufacturing industries. Drawing from the diverse experiences in the CAD/CAM/CAE disciplines and the founding partners' expertise in 3D visualization, the group identified that the main bottleneck in CAD/CAM/CAE effectiveness and cross-discipline collaboration was the lack of a visual collaborative platform for the product performance/simulation data. The number of simulation solvers and associated formats, integrated HPC infrastructures, large size of the simulation results files are making it very difficult to process, share and communicate the large amounts of product performance data across global centers.

Starting in 2002, VCollab started an in-house R&D project to develop a high-performance, common visual collaboration platform for CAE, named VCollab. The team has been investing in developing the VCollab technologies to maximize the utilization of the CAD & CAE investments and streamline the 3D product performance data communications across the global centers, suppliers and cross functional teams of the product development companies.

The VCollab solution today is known for its unique capabilities to improve the productivity of simulation teams and also to improve the collaboration between simulation experts and other engineers involved in the product development process, making access to product performance data more available whenever needed.

To date, Visual Collaboration Technologies has been helping the product development companies by providing the cutting edge CAE software solutions and services as well as consulting, outsourcing and solution customization services. During the course of time, VCollab has partnered with many of the leading CAE Vendors, MDO Vendors and SDM/SLM/PLM vendors. Major automotive OEMS and Aero OEMS are the early adopters of VCollab technology and they have been providing excellent guidance and have been influencing the development road map of VCollab.

With its USA corporate headquarters located in TROY, Michigan, VCollab has a worldwide distribution network as well as offices in Dallas, Texas, and Bangalore, India.

The VCollab team is passionate in finding the future of CAE visualization and collaboration to positively impact and improve the design and simulation practices at the product development companies.


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Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc
100 WestBig Beaver, #200 Troy, MI 48084
Tel 248-835-6880
Fax 248-498-6003