VCollab 3D Visual Collaboration Solutions for CAE Technology

VCollab provides an easy to use 3D CAX Viewer for non experts to visualize CAD, FEA and CFD data.
It also provides large file handling capabilities. Reduces large CAE results files upto 99%.

  • Smarter Collaboration

    Merge, Share & Interact with
    CAE data across multiple sites
    Smarter Collaboration
  • Multi CAX Data

    Merge CAE & CAD data
    Interact with 3D data

    Multi CAX Data
  • Lighter & Smarter CAE with CAX

    Escape the Ocean of CAE Data &
    Multiple File Formats

    Lighter & Smarter CAE with CAX
  • Smarter Presentations

    Easy 3D interactive viewing
    in PowerPointTM

    Smarter Presentations
  • Faster CAE Reporting

    Maximize CAE resources
    Deliver deeper content in less time

    Faster CAE Reporting
  • Faster Visualization & Post Processing

    Fast Post Processing
    with VCollab Pro
    Faster Visualization & Post Processing
VCollab software, powered by the CAX file format, is the easiest and most comprehensive visualization and data reduction resource available for CAE.

The VCollab solution begins with CAX, the first common, portable file format for sharing and storing CAE data. Using a refined data-extraction and data-reduction process, VCollab creates CAX files that are up to 99% smaller than native CAE files.

VCollab and the CAX file format is the single solution that unifies the complex array of simulation codes and formats currently in use today. One VCollab viewer and one common file format let users access a myriad of different CAE simulations and results as well as share, store, and collaboratively review extremely large CAE files.
Key Features
  • CAE Data Reduction
  • Spectacular 3D high-performance viewing
  • CAE storyboard creation
  • Lightweight post-processing
  • Ready CAX integration with WEB, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and document management systems
  • 3D CAE data merging and editing
  • Metadata capture
  • Automated CAE reporting features
  • PDM, PLM, SDM, SLM, MDO Integration
Benefits of VCollab
  • Large file handling capability: Large CAE files are reduced up to 99% for easier portability and visualization.
  • Integrate CAE data with Simulation Data Management systems
  • VCollab's state of the art graphics offers faster post processing, leading to improved productivity for CAE analysts
  • Provides an easy to use 3D CAE Viewer to non-CAE experts to easily understand the FEA/CFD results
What Users Are Saying About VCollab
" VCollab’s ability to make 3D presentations and 3D documents with embedded FEA and CFD simulations helps us grasp a thorough understanding of our customers' problems.  VCollab has added tremendous value to what we can offer to our clients, has set us apart from our competitors, and has helped us win new business."

Vijaya Kalimi
Business Relationship Manager
Tata Consulting Services

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