VCollab Partners


VCollab partners with the leading CAE companies, including:

More than 50 vendor formats are supported by VCollab.

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VCollab provides solution integration to enable CAE visualization from within the following partner PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and SPDM (Simulation Process Data Management) systems:

Siemens: SimCenter and Heeds

MSC: SimManager

Dassault: Simulia SLM


Phoenix Integration: PHX Analysis Library

Aras: Comet SPDM

Dynardo: optiSLang

Jotne: EDMopenSimDM

Noesis: Optimus

VCollab is a member of the Simulation Data Management Working Group of NAFEMS

NAFEMS is the International Association for the Engineering Modeling, Analysis and Simulation community

The real value of VCollab is to intelligently extract consistent, reliable simulation information from an ever-growing sea of results data. Its smart processing creates a “simulation story”, which includes embedded 3D viewpoints and metadata – providing consistency and context for each analysis. Because it can merge models into one file, engineers can compare geometries and results from different models. And because VCollab files are easily viewable, this simulation story can be shared efficiently across teams and supply chains.

Joe Walsh, Founder, IntrinSIM


Streamline design decision-making, improve simulation analyst productivity, increase collaboration across teams and geographies―and deliver better products.

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