Frequently Asked Questions

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Does VCollab provide MDO Visualization?
Yes. VCollab provides excellent MDO Visualization capabilities. It has existing integrations with leading MDO software.
Does VCollab integrate with MS SharePoint?
Yes. VCollab Presenter Viewer WEB Part integrates seamlessly with MS SharePoint and provides 3D Viewing capability to MS SharePoint users.
Can you integrate VCollab Presenter Viewer with any existing PDM/PLM software or SDM/SLM software?
 Yes. VCollab can easily be integrated with any PDM/PLM system or SDM/SLM system. VCollab adds the visualization and decision support capability to any PDM / PLM or SDM/SLM system.
Who can use VCollab?
 1) Large Enterprises using a number of 3D CAX Tools/Solvers: Large Enterprises invest into many CAX tools and in the process end up with the nightmare of communicating with multiple formats. VCollab offers a unique way of capturing any CAX data into a common 3D VCollab format and provides a simple to use CAX viewer for every one to access and view the data from their Laptops/Desktops without the native applications.

2) CAX Teams: CAX users archive the CAX results into HTML documents and delete the 3D results files in order to save disk space. VCollab's solution offers the facility to create 3D documents with highly compressed interactive 3D data embedded into HTML documents.

3) Remote Teams: Using VCollab's solutions, one can easily create/publish 3D embedded HTML files and share the same with remote teams. Remote teams do not need to have the native 3D authoring application to access and interact with the 3D data.

4) VR Users: Those users wanting to have high performance Stereo Visualizations from their Laptops/Desktops can use VCollab. Please note that specialized Laptop and Desktop solutions are available from our partners that work with VCollab to generate Stereo images.

5) Every One: VCollab can be used by anyone without any training for visualization of complex 3D data.

What are the Graphics Card requirements to experience the Stereo Visualization in VCollab?
 Active Stereo Visualization in VCollab needs the DeskTop computer System to be equipped with Stereo Ready Graphics Card.   StereoGraphics WEB site provides a comprehensive list of stereo enabled graphics cards. 
Can we convert CAD models into VCollab files?
Yes. CAD models from many popular CAD software can be converted into VCollab files for high performance visualization and to create Digital Mock Ups.
Can we convert native CAE results files into highly reduced VCollab files?
 Yes. VCollab offers solutions to read many native CAE results and generate ultra compact VCollab files.
Which is the latest version of VCollab?
 VCollab 2018 R1
What are the system requirements for installation and running of VCollab

Hardware Requirements 

Minimum Configuration:

  • Win 32 BIT
  • Minimum of 2 GB Memory and 4 GB virtual memory
  • A graphic accelerator card with 128 MB RAM
  • Graphic drivers with OpenGL 1.2 and above

Recommended Configuration:


  • Win 64 BIT
  • 8 GB RAM with 16 GB virtual memory
  • A graphic accelerator card with minimum of 256 MB RAM
  • Graphic drivers that support OpenGL 1.2 and above


  • Win 64 BIT
  • 5 GB RAM with 12 GB Virtual Memory
  • A graphic accelerator card with minimum of 256 MB RAM
  • Graphic drivers that support OpenGL 1.2 and above
What are the various applications where VCollab can be used?
  • Visualization
  • Presentation
  • Documentation
  • Collaboration
  • Enterprise deployment of CAX data
What is VCollab?
VCollab is the state of the art, high performance visualization, presentation, documentation and collaboration solution for CAD/CAM/CAE simulation data.
VCollab is particularly strong in handling CAX simulations. Linear and transient simulations are handled very efficiently in VCollab.
VCollab helps users to view and manipulate CAX simulation files without the native applications right from Laptops, Desktops and Scalable Graphics Clusters.
VCollab helps large corporations in leveraging the existing CAX investments and maximize the utilization of CAD/CAM/CAE data sets.

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Fax 248-498-6003