VCollab Presenter

VCollab Presenter is a lightweight 3D CAX Viewer. With it you can manipulate CAD, FEA, and CFD simulation data. VCollab Presenter has excellent interfaces with WEB, making it the most powerful 3D visualization, presentation and collaboration tool available.

Please contact support@vcollab.com for the evaluation copy.


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Key Features

  • Feature-rich yet simple to use for even non-technical personnel
  • CAD, FEA and CFD Visualization in one Viewer
  • Provides decision support capability along with Visualization
  • Probe simulation results
  • Change the Scale
  • Measurements
  • Animations ( linear, transient, eigen vectors etc.)
  • Fluid Flow Visualization
  • Cut Sections
  • BOM can be viewed and used to switch parts on/off
  • Multiple BOM support
  • View and navigate thru Viewpoints
  • 3D Walkthroughs
  • 3D CAD/CAE simulations can be viewed and manipulated in the documents
  • Works as a stand alone Viewer or embedded Viewer
  • Works efficiently from Laptops/ Desktops
  • Conduct productive design and analysis reviews
  • State of the art light weight post processor for simulations
  • .. Many more


  • Document/WEB Integration: VCollab Presenter can be embedded into:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer(32-bit and 64-bit) and Firefox(32-bit) on Windows operating system.
    • Note:  In Firefox , Its supported till Version 51. Above that, Firefox ESR version is only supported.
  • MS Share Point: Works as 3D Viewer within MS SharePoint portals
  • SDM/SLM/PDM/PLM Systems: Integration with many Simulation Data Management Systems - Works as embedded 3D CAE Viewer within many Product / Simulation Data Management Systems
  • MDO tools: Integration with MDO / DOE systems for easier visualization of design changes and 3D Simulations during the MDO iterations and process


  • Faster post processing for Analysts. Improves analyst's productivity.
  • Design/Analysis Reviews: Improved decision making during Design/Analysis Reviews
  • Designers can review the FEA/CFD analysis results easily. Easy to use for designers to perform light weight post processing of FEA/CFD results
  • CAE suppliers can easily share their work in progress FEA/CFD data, as ultra small FEA/CFD results files with customers. Improves communication with their customers, leading to improved customer satisfaction and saving communication costs
  • Reduces IT Costs: Fully supported and common 3D CAX Viewer for every one. Eliminates redundant viewers
  • Knowledge Capture & 3D Documentation: CAD/CAM/CAE simulation knowledge can be captured in 3D and embedded into HTML documents for reuse
  • Easy to share 3D Models and Simulations with Designers, Release Engineers, CAE mangers, Chief Engineers, Test Engineers, Customer Service Engineers
  • Improves innovation thru Enterprise Visual Collaboration
  • Supplier integration
  • Easy to deploy and scalable to thousands of systems
  • Protect Intellectual Property: Distribute 3D CAD/CAE information without giving out native models

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